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Manufacturing Execution System

Monitor and Automate your manufacturing operations. Enhance production reliability and product traceability with centralized processes.

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ERP software

  As enterprise resource planning software, Integrating all applications on one superior platform, linking Enterprise business activities through automated tools, reducing the burden of management, generate better sales and customer service.

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Smart Inventory Management Software

Optimizes Inventory performance. Track and control Warehouse operation accurately. Modern online repository on a management software.

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Where to update information; Modern management practices, best practices and best practices from customers.

SmartBiz consults to deploy MES- intelligent Manufacturing Execution system to the No. 1 Fashion company in Vietnam. The company has 7 offices, 2 factories with 198 fashion stores distributed throughout the provinces.

SmartBiz advises on deploying Smart Warehouse System to enterprises specializing in distributing Steel products, materials for building bridges, roads, and wharfs. The enterprise has 11 branches and offices with 3 total warehouses North - Central - South.

SmartBiz consults on deploying ERP system and dispatching management for leading transport enterprises in Bac Ninh province

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Over 15 years of establishment.

+ More than 1000 Customers.

99% solves current problems and builds a foundation to seize future opportunities.

Strong integration capabilities.

+ Flexible customization and expansion.

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Professional SmartBiz services


Identify solutions, ideas for the goals and needs of the Enterprise.

How to minimize   costs when upgrading infrastructure

How to control important parameters  within the allowed range and control via mobile devices: mobile, tablet...


Customize and develop Enterprise Management software according to the production and business requirements of the Enterprise.



Identify entities and processes that can be improved and automated in IoT applications. 

Deployment of multi-field SmartBiz ERP Business Management software operating with a powerful platform.

Find the most efficient way  to seamlessly stream data from sensors to Systems.h.


Extended maintenance of IoT devices 

Advanced replacement

Quick repair of IoT devices

System maintenance.